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You probably also need to repair your electrical service panel if you need to upgrade your electrical service perhaps from 100 amps to 200 amps or 400 amps. Why would you want to do this service upgrade? As our electricity consumption increases due to the growing number of devices in use, there is a corresponding need for additional circuits to ensure a continuous and steady flow of electricity within the household. You might be upgrading specialty breakers, or your insurance could be asked to switch from fuse breakers to a breaker panel.

Kailey Air Systems consists of expert electricians. We've been providing peace of mind, especially to homeowners with older homes requiring wiring and electrical upgrades, for many years. Reach out we can help you with the maintenance and improvement of your electrical power panel.
In San Jose, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Santa Clara, and Palo Alto, California contact Your Reliable Electricians. Need electrical upgrades for your older home? Contact us for peace of Mind!​

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