Expert Solar Panels Services in CA

With Kailey Air Systems, our skilled team can help you determine whether or not your home qualifies for our services. We'll analyze your electricity bill to determine the most suitable solar panel system for your needs. Upon identifying you as a potential candidate, we'll conduct a site visit to evaluate shading concerns, roof structure, and available ground space. We can assist you with estimating any additional cost that may affect your investment. The design of your roof is crucial. Having more available roof space makes installations more straightforward for us. With, your roof doesn’t have to be 100% clear for us to get the job done.

Kailey Air Systems provides personalized solar installations for seamless operations. With solar, you can gain control over your power expenses and obtain tax benefits along the way. We install solar panels on the roof for those who would like to save money on energy costs. Our team of local solar contractors truly cares about the work that they are doing and provides unrivalled service at an affordable cost in San Jose, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Los Altos, and Palo Alto California.

solar panel installation & repair in California